Elegance Restored to Marble Vanity

Dull, Etched Marble Vanity Top

Homeowners in the South Osprey Avenue area of Sarasota, Florida contacted us because their Fossil Brown marble vanity was dull and etched. This particular type of marble contains fossilized ammonite shells. Because of the surface damage, this beautiful and unique feature had become obscured.

Our Marble Refinishing Process

We masked and protected the mirror, vanity cabinet, floors, and walls around our work area. Then, we set to work honing a very thin layer off the surface, virtually erasing the dullness and etch damage. With a fresh new layer of stone revealed, we used finer and finer grit diamond polishing pads to achieve a glossy, reflective finish.

The homeowners were happy to see the Fossil Brown marble finish beautifully restored.

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