Natural Stone

We are natural stone experts! We can hone and polish to erase traffic patterns, dullness, etching, scratches, and other damage...



Imagine your terrazzo floors polished to a beautiful shine while eliminating the costly cycle of stripping and waxing...


Tile & Grout

With our cleaning and grout color sealing your tile and grout can look as good as new and stay looking that way...


We use state of the art equipment and cleaning methods to get deep-down clean, then show you professional tips to maintain your floors and surfaces.

We are professionally trained to restore your floors and surfaces to the desired finish, whether honed or polished, and take the time to protect areas surrounding the work site.

We can repair most cracks and chips, remove lippage, and more.

We offer all sorts of sealing and protecting services to protect and even enhance your stone, tile, and terrazzo surfaces.

what you can expect...

At Gulf Coast Surface Restoration, we restore the like-new appearance of your floors, countertops, and other surfaces, protect them, and make recommendations on how you can properly maintain them to keep them looking pristine between professional services.

Dramatic Results

We can turn back the clock to make your floors, counters, showers and more look new again so you can avoid the hefty cost of replacement.

Excellent Service

Our highly trained technicians specialize in floor and surface care, consistently providing the highest quality services and producing amazing results.



Clean, well-maintained floors and surfaces says will make your family and guests feel right at home. Count on us to restore the elegance and beauty to your kitchens, baths, and more.


When you enter any commercial space (offices, health care facilities, stores), the floors, whether scuffed and dirty or polished and spotless, get noticed. Let us help yours make a positive impression.


Regular cleaning and janitorial services cannot achieve the same dramatic results as our professional deep cleaning, repair, and restoration services. Let us wow your guests and patrons.

Have a question?

Our friendly floor and surface care experts are ready to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

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We have an excellent reputation for bringing stone to life.

We are experts with a passion for restoring, protecting and maintaining your floors, countertops, showers and baths, patio and pool surrounds, and other outdoor spaces, and just about anywhere else, for residential and commercial properties. 


Count on us to erase signs of use and abuse. We can hone and polish your marble or other natural stone, deep clean your tile and grout, and protect these surfaces.


From cleaning and sealing to honing and polishing to erasing dullness and damage, we make marble and other natural stone countertops look brand new again.

Vanity Tops

Improper cleaning products and cosmetics can etch and dull vanity tops, diminishing their appearance. We can restore your stone back to the elegant factory finish.

Baths & Showers

From removing hard water residue from travertine shower walls to deep cleaning and sanitizing tub surrounds, expect dramatic results with our professional services

Outdoor Living Spaces

We can hone, polish, and apply UV protection on outdoor kitchen countertops, deep clean and apply color-enhancing sealer to travertine hardscape, and much more.

Pool & Patio Areas

Chlorine water, dirt, grime and contaminants can all take a toll on exterior stone and tile. Count on us to restore it to guest-ready condition. We can also make it slip-resistant.


Natural Stone
Green Marble Like-New Finish

Etched Green Marble Island Restored

Natural Stone

Serpentine "green marble" is different from other types of marble.Only experienced restoration contractors can refinish this stone properly.

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Marble Vanity Restoration

Marble Master Vanity Polished


Our marble restoration services achieved dramatic results and gave this dull, damaged vanity finish a like-new look.

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Granite Seam Repair

Granite Countertop Seam Repair


We used tinted epoxy, honing, and polishing to level and repair this unsightly granite countertop seam.

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Blue Bahia Granite Restored

Blue Bahia Granite Restored


We honed, polished, and sealed these granite countertops to erase dullness and damage and restore the elegant finish.

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