Etched Green Marble Island Restored

Etch Damage Diminished Beauty of Serpentine Marble Island

Homeowners in White Beach, Florida in the Siesta Key area contacted us because their gorgeous serpentine “green marble” island had etch damage. The island was the focal point of their kitchen. It used to have a glossy showroom finish, but with too many spilled drinks containing acidic substances, the finish had turned dull.

Our Marble Refinishing Process

Most marbles are calcite based, but Serpentine is magnesium-silicate based. Only experienced stone restoration contractors know how to properly restore this particular type of stone. First, we honed to remove the etch damage, and then we used progressively finer grit diamond pads to achieve a beautiful, reflective polish.

Our services really wowed the homeowners, who were very glad they chose us to restore their marble.

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