Granite Countertop Seam Repair

Unsightly Granite Countertop Seam

Tampa Bay, FL homeowners in the Siesta Key area had an unsightly seam in their granite countertop. The stone was not level and the gap was obvious. They contacted us to ask whether we could repair the seam, and we assured them that our seam repair services were second to none.

Precision Seam Repair

First, we used plastic and painters tape to cover the sink, cabinet, and other surfaces surrounding our work area to protect them from damage during the repair process. First, we ground down the granite to achieve a level surface. Then, we used a special tool to create enough gap to allow our tinted epoxy to properly adhere. We color matched and mixed the epoxy and filled in the gap. After the epoxy set, we honed and polished the granite so that the finish around our repair site was indistinguishable with that of the rest of the countertop.

The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome.

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