Marble Kitchen Beautifully Restored

Years of Use Diminished Marble Elegance

Anna Marie Island homeowners contacted us because their gorgeous, high-end marble countertops from Sardinia, Italy were looking rather bland. The polished surface showed signs of wear such as dullness that occurs with regular use and minor etch damage from acidic substances in food and drinks like wine and orange juice.

Our Marble Countertop Restoration Process

We masked and protected the surfaces surrounding our work area, such as cabinets and floors. Then, we honed the countertops, removing a very thin upper layer of the stone and revealing the brand new stone underneath. Using diamond pads with progressively finer grits, we polished the marble to achieve a beautiful, reflective finish. Our final step was to seal the marble to inhibit staining.

The homeowners loved the brand new look of their kitchen. The refinished marble showcased the earthy, creamy, warm tones of the stone and the movement and interest in the veining. With the damage erased, the overhead lights and natural light coming in the windows reflected more evenly across the entire surface.

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