Perico Bay Marble Kitchen Restored

Scratched, Etched Marble Countertops

Homeowners in Perico Bay, Florida contacted us because their marble countertops had lost their elegant appearance. The Verde Calacatta marble, originally from Italy, had become scratched and dull, and there were etch marks in areas that saw the most use. Etch damage occurs when acidic substances such as wine or lemon chemically react with the calcium carbonate in the stone.

Our Marble Restoration Process

First, we masked and protected the cabinets, walls, and other surfaces around our work area to contain any spillage and protect the homeowner’s kitchen. Then we used aggressive diamond pads to hone the marble. Honing virtually erased the surface damage and revealed the brand new stone underneath. We replaced the heavy grit diamond pads with finer and finer grit pads, polishing the marble to achieve a beautiful, glossy finish. Once the finish was perfect, our final step was to apply a high quality impregnating sealer to inhibit staining.

When the homeowners saw the showroom-ready kitchen, they were so glad they called us.

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